Monday, October 19, 2009

Diwali and Food !

Oh ! we had a wonderful Diwali celebration at home. It was all of food, food and ONLY food.
Last week was very hectic for me as I had to prepare a lot of stuffs. This place where we stay is just wonderful with a pleasant ambience and lot of good friends. I was happy to share diwali food with them all.
Of course, I had this wonderful opportunity of tasting their snacks and sweets too. We had a get together on the Diwali day and we lit up/burst some crackers too..It was too much fun.

I am posting the pics of  Diwali sweets/snacks that I prepared and the recipes of these will be coming soon.

Gulab Jamun

Dry Jamun


Khara bhath

                                                                      Paal (milk) Kesari

 Uddin vada

Murukku, Nippattu/Thattai, Somas and Coconut burfi

Chicken Biryani (for Lunch)



  1. wow a what a spread of sweets and snacks.Even the milk kesari i was thinking for a long time to make.All pic looks nice.

  2. nice to hear that u had wonderful celebration..
    All the recipes looks amazing and very inviting dear!!!

  3. Thanks jeyashri and Sangeetha.. Yes I had a wonderful celebration.Hope you both had a 'bomblastic' celebration too :-)

  4. Wow..That was indeed a great feast :-)

  5. Viji, first time to ur blog...All looks great...

  6. Wow awesome sweets dear :). Good to know you had a wonderful time.

  7. Thanks Gulmohar, Tina and Lakshmi.

  8. தீபாவளி பலகாரங்கள், தீபாவளி இனிப்பு வகைகள், தீபாவளி வரலாறு ஆகியவை பற்றி அறிய :