Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vellai poori and Paal Kozhukattai

This is a yummy Vellai Poori/panaiyaram that our Usha aunty prepared last week.
It was absolutely delicious with coconut chutney. Its very simple to prepare and is an instant snack which is also healthy because of the protein from the dals. 

She also prepared this Paal Kozhukattai for us which was just HEAVENLY!
We couldn't resist with just few spoons so had it for our dinner too :-)
Thanks to aunty for such yummy food/recipes/tips!

I will come up with the recipes of both these delicacies soon after re-checking my knowledge of the same with aunty.


  1. hey check it soon,waiting for those recipes,especially the vellai poori

  2. vellai Poori looks yummy, its new to me!!Paal Kozhukattai love it sooooooooo much..sure would love to give a try.My mom friend use to do it for us..i agree with taste heavenly..My mouth is watering..feel like having it rite now..hmmmm :)

  3. Have you got the Paal Kozhukkattai recipe?

  4. Wow, So many different approached to paal kozhakatai - very different looking from how I make it...INTERESTING!